The BMW I16

Explore the intriguing story behind BMW's I16, a next-gen supercar developed as the successor to the iconic i8, with personal involvement from the design team

I16's Design Essence

I16's Design Essence

Discover the I16's unique blend of future classic style and innovative design touches, moving forward from the iconic M1, while maintaining ties to the BMW i8's composite structure

A Design Cues Treasure Hunt

Explore the use of the BMW i8's composite structure in the I16's design, uncovering subtle cues that connect the two vehicles for keen-eyed enthusiasts.

Design Inspirations

Analyze the design inspirations behind the I16, showcasing references to the i8, Vision M Next, and the iconic M1, emphasizing continuity and innovation.

The Halo Car Dilemma

Contrast the I16 with the polarizing BMW XM, emphasizing the different paths taken in BMW's lineup, with the I16 representing the halo car that might have been

The Pandemic Dilemma

Uncover the unfortunate twist in the I16's fate as the pandemic struck in 2020, leading to the suspension of the project despite its readiness.

Missed Moment  Timeless Potential?

Contemplate the question of whether BMW should have pushed through and built the I16 during the pandemic, considering the striking design and readiness of the coupe.

Dreaming Beyond Setbacks

Acknowledge the resilience of the design team in the face of setbacks, with the assurance that, despite the cancellation, new projects and possibilities continue to unfold