1. Exclusivity and Power

The Batur convertible, Bentley’s most powerful production car ever, boasts a staggering 730bhp from its soon-to-be-retired W12 engine.

2. Limited Production

Only 16 soft-top versions of this model will be available, enhancing its exclusivity and potential collector value

3. Astonishing Speed

With a top speed of 209 mph, it stands as the fastest series production car from Bentley.

4. Luxury Design Elements

Features include a dark titanium mesh grille, flowing lines, sharp lighting clusters, and 22-inch alloys, all contributing to its striking appearance.

5. Infinite Customization

Bentley offers an 'infinite' paint choice, showcased in a Vermillion gloss and satin finish, encouraging buyers to personalize their vehicle creatively.

6. Opulent Interior

The interior includes a two-seat configuration, a substantial center console loaded with functionalities, and accents of rose gold, set against a tidy dashboard design.

7. Pricing Speculation

While the price for the convertible version hasn’t been confirmed, it is expected to exceed the £1.65 million price tag of the hardtop models