1.Ocelot Pariah

Known for its exceptional top speed and handling, making it one of the fastest cars in GTA Online.

2.Pfister 811

Another top contender in speed, popular among players for racing.

3.Progen Itali GTB Custom

A highly customizable supercar with impressive acceleration and handling.

4.Truffade Nero Custom

Offers a great balance of speed, acceleration, and handling, making it a solid choice for races.

5.Pegassi Zentorno

A longtime favorite with excellent acceleration and handling, suitable for various missions and races.

6.Dewbauchee Vagner

Known for its outstanding handling and agility on race tracks.

7.Karin Sultan RS

A versatile car that balances speed, handling, and off-road capability.

8.Annis RE-7B

One of the best performing cars in terms of raw lap time due to its superb handling and acceleration.