Tata's Digital Nostalgia

The Safari Storme is making a virtual comeback, courtesy of a stunning 4x4 render that keeps the off-road spirit alive, bringing back memories of the iconic original Safari.

Ladder-Frame Glory

Diverging from the new Safari, the rendered 2024 Tata Safari Storme proudly flaunts a ladder-frame chassis and a robust 4X4 transfer case, embracing its rugged roots.

Tata's Success Trail

Amid Tata Motors' recent successes with models like Nexon and Punch, the original Safari remains a flagship, showcasing Tata's evolution in the competitive Indian car market.

What Could Have Been

Intriguingly, the render prompts us to imagine what the original Safari would look like today if Tata hadn't discontinued the Storme model

Modernized Design

Bimble Designs holds all the credits for the images, the creative minds behind the render, skillfully modernized the Safari Storme's design for 2024, introducing a refreshed fascia

Stylish Facelift

The rendered Safari Storme boasts a stylish facelift, featuring a smoked headlight effect, twin-pod LED DRLs, and projector headlights.

Powertrain Possibilities

With speculation on powertrains, the possibility of Tata leveraging its commercial lineup, considering the 2.2L or 3.0L 4-cylinder turbo diesel engines .

Call for Resurrection

We wish that Tata would seriously consider launching the Safari Storme once again as a promising contender in the present SUV market